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lvlselect Youtube Channel

lvlselect was founded by me and a few partners back in 2009. It first started as a blog site, then eventually converted into what is now a youtube channel. During the course of the years, lvlselect progressed to become a medium sized channel with a core following. We eventually struck a deal under another partner channel and helped them gain a Machinima contract. They maintained its position until 2012 where we departed from the partner channel, thus ending our contract with Machinima. The channel now relies solely on myself and my partner Jay. We record video game playthroughs everyday. We also collaborate with other gamers, as well as reach out to the community for more content. Our channel’s goal is retain a high quality of content by focusing on both details of video and audio. Our techniques of quality media, along with superb commentary, sets us apart from average channel!

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