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Fred Evans is a tireless worker who strives to achieve a career where he can utilize his creativity, and technology skills. At the age of 13, he built his first computer which led him to solidify his interest in the IT field. He created side jobs by repairing home based machines, to consulting  with clients.

When he reached high school, he was introduced to the world of music production and engineering by a friend who used a software called FL Studio. Throughout his high school years, he formed a group with his friends and went on to create multiple hip hop indie projects. He then pursued his music career further by learning composition, and advanced engineering. Within his studies, he worked on other skills such as Graphic Design and Video Editing.  His level of resourcefulness helped him in gathering support from people in different professions. With these resources and self-talent, Fred was able to start multiple businesses to help him reach his goals even further. When he is not working, he spends time with his wife at home, watching movies, playing video games, and trying different foods!

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